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The purpose of this study was to examine English language acquisition in four ESL children whose native country is China. Each of the four children was considered individually and holistically through case study methodology, and some comparisons across children were considered. A second purpose of this study was to look holistically at the instructional strategies used to support language acquisition for each of these students. In addition, this research investigated the perceptions of the four Chinese ESL students regarding strategies and instructional methods used to facilitate English language acquisition at one or two elementary schools in a rural state in a mid-Atlantic region. Also, teachers, parents and peer tutors of these Chinese students were interviewed in order to gather data regarding language acquisition in these two schools. One aspect of this study was to determine the nature and outcomes of using a hypermedia dictionary utilizing text, graphics, and sounds in supporting acquisition of targeted English vocabulary words in the four Chinese children. This research was also intended to gather information pertaining to the children's usage of the computer program, and their perceptions of the program's merit as a viable instructional tool for learning some English words.