Li-Yu Fu

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The study is to develop a historically oriented physical science curriculum model for the high schools in Taiwan. Taiwan is changing into a pluralistic society, in which the learners must be confronted with certain conflicts of the beliefs, values, and ideology raised by science and technology. Historical approach in science teaching has been identified as effective in helping the learners understand the nature of science in the social and cultural context. Also, science teachers in Taiwan have recognized that a historically oriented science curriculum model is in the needs of their teaching but the history of science hardly can be integrated into the current science curriculum. A historically oriented curriculum model can make a contribution to practical science teaching. The methodology of developing the curriculum model follows the Tyler Model. The study reviews the history of science in science curriculum development. The preliminary objectives of the curriculum model are suggested through investigating the nature of science, the learners' life, society and culture in Taiwan, and science education in Taiwan. Obtaining the objectives of the curriculum model, the study screens the preliminary objectives through philosophic assumptions and psychological basis of the curriculum model. According to the objectives of the curriculum model and the review of the history of science in science curriculum development, the science learning experiences consisting of historical approach are selected. Then, the selected learning experiences are organized according to psychology of learning. The concepts, skills, and values of the organization of learning experiences must be identified with the factors: continuity, sequence, and integration. The evaluation procedures of the curriculum model are developed based on the objectives of the curriculum model. Finally a diagram of the curriculum is developed to illustrate the curriculum model.