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Roof bolting has been one of the age-old, yet important issues in the coal mining industry. Although roof bolts have been widely used in underground coal mines with a great success in recent decades, the real mechanism by which they reinforce the mine roof is still relatively unknown. As a consequence, almost all the roof bolts used are mis-matched under the specific conditions of geology, mining, etc., which inevitably either causes a safety problem such as roof fall if they are under-designed in terms of bolting parameters such as type, tension, bolt length and bolting patterns, or induces unnecessary cost if they are over-designed. In recent years, a computer program ROOFBOLT was developed for the design of a fully-grouted bolt system by using hybrid boundary-finite element techniques. This research has been devoted to its further development and improvement, which includes the modification of the existing model for the fully-grouted bolt system, model development for the resin-anchored bolt system and other types of supplemental roof supports such as cribs/posts and the roof truss system. All these theoretical models have been implemented and incorporated into ROOFBOLT. In addition, data from various field tests is used to validate the developed models. It is hoped that the new version of ROOFBOLT can be used to provide an optimum design for different roof supports in underground coal mines.