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The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between both the demographic characteristics and the personality type of females in administrative positions in the West Virginia public school systems, and the extent to which those administrators expressed satisfaction in their positions. The total population of 324 female public school administrators in West Virginia were surveyed. Each participant was mailed a survey packet containing a cover letter, a demographics sheet and two questionnaires. The demographics sheet, a Survey of West Virginia Female Public School Administrators, was adapted from previous surveys (Hawthorne, 1985; Hutchens, 1990; Mauter, 1980). The questionnaires used were the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Form G (1977), and the Mohrman-Cooke-Mohrman Job Satisfaction Scale (Mohrman, Cooke, Mohrman, Duncan & Zaltman 1977). The total return rate was 173 (53%). The total usable returns were 168 (52%). The data were analyzed using the Statistical Analysis Systems. Analyses of Variance were utilized to test the hypotheses. An alpha level of.05 was used to determine significance. Analyses of the data resulted in the following findings. No statistically significant relationship was found with regard to age, years educational experience, years administrative experience, educational level, ethnicity, marital status, position or personality and job satisfaction. These findings do not support previous findings in the literature. Administrators who had served the fewest years in their current position expressed a higher measure of extrinsic job satisfaction than administrators who had served longer in their current position. Ancillary findings of the study indicated that a statistically significant difference existed in the relationship between the support the female administrator had received from friends, family and colleagues, and the amount of job satisfaction expressed by the female administrator. Apparently the higher the amount of support received by the administrator the greater the degree of job satisfaction she experienced. This study offers little support for the literature on which it was based. The study does, however, reveal a potentially important connection between job satisfaction and the personal and professional relationships of the female administrator.