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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

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Petra B. Wood.


Ten Northern Saw-whet Owls were radio-tracked over two winters (1996 and 1997) at Assateague Island, Maryland. I used the fixed kernel method to calculate home range estimates for seven owls. Ninety-five percent home range sizes averaged 122.9 ha (range from 39.7--261.9 ha) but varied in size and shape. I also calculated adaptive kernel, harmonic mean, and minimum convex polygon home ranges for comparison of these methods. Habitat composition in 30% home ranges was compared with 95% home ranges and 30% and 95% home ranges were each compared with composition of the entire study area using compositional analysis.;Roost site characteristics were measured at 30 day roosts in 3 m plots. Variables measured included number of stems 2.5 cm DBH, roost tree height, roost tree species, canopy cover, average canopy height, average shrub height, roost DBH, distance to nearest tree, and percent ground cover. Vegetation also was measured at a random in similar habitat. Logistic regression was used to compare use and non-use roost plots at entry level alpha = 0.15 and stay level alpha = 0.10. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).