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The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between secondary schools' participation in school-to-work activities and a given school's attendance rate, dropout rate, graduation rate, college going rate, and achievement test results as perceived by the school principal and measured by the School-to-Work Perceptual Inventory. The population of the study consisted of principals of schools in the United States with a grade configuration of 9–12 (N = 11,529) (Market Data Retrieval, personal communication, April 3, 2001). The sample consisted of 400 principals selected at random by Market Data Retrieval (n = 400). Overall, 214 (53.5%) surveys were returned. The results indicated that there was a significant statistical relationship between participating in school-to-work activities and attendance rates, college-going rates, graduation rates, and achievement test results, as perceived by school principals. There was not a significant statistical relationship, as observed by principals, between participating in school-to-work activities and dropout rates.