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This study examines the relative effect of non-verbal behaviors and the subjects social class on Judged levels of empathy communicated In role-played counseling interviews. Sixty-three randomly selected male subjects representing three social classes, uppermiddle, middle and lower, were used in a randomized block design and rated twelve counselor-client interactions Involving three types of non-verbal behaviors; affect display, regulators and indicators, on a modified Truax-Carkhuff Emapthy Scale. A two-way analysis of variance was used to analyze the data and test three hypotheses. Results of the data analysis did not permit rejection of the null hypothesis at the .05 level of significance. No significant main effects or interaction were detected. The results of the study suggest that types of non-verbal behaviors, the subjects social class or the Interaction effects of these factors do not influence the outcome of the subjects Judged levels of empathic communication. The findings are discussed In relation to symbolic Interaction and communication theories and the subsequent implication for preparation of counselors and practice.