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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mining Engineering

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Abdul Wahab Khair.


A process centered environment for implementing courseware is presented. The proposed environment addresses some of the constraints in the existing state of the art technology, presently used for distance education. The environment interface is developed using MS FrontPage 98 web development software. The thesis describes the design and implementation of the environment, which is named WVUCT. WVUCT utilizes MS NetMeeting software as a mode for interacting with the students in many different ways. WVUCT uses MS FrontPage 98 for developing a web-based course. The course web once developed using the environment can be published to any httpd server for student's use as well as instructor use. The process model presented specifies the major and minor steps, which can be followed by instructors in preparing effective web-based educational modules. These modules may include lecture notes, assignments and tests. At each step of the process, the environment provides templates and examples on developing the different parts of an educational module using suggested tools and resources. The process model assumes no previous experience on the part of instructors in developing web-based educational modules.