Yi Luo

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This dissertation is a part of the results of a research effort. The objective of the research was to develop a reliable, comprehensive and easy-to-use computer model for predicting surface movement and deformation induced by underground coal mining. The subsidence prediction model developed is capable of (1) predicting the final subsidence on a flat or moderate surface; (2) predicting the dynamic subsidence on a flat or moderate surface for an operating longwall panel; (3) recommending subsidence parameters based on the geological and panel layout information for those new coal mines; (4) deducing the subsidence parameters from the subsidence data collected for an operating coal mine; (5) processing subsidence survey data. In addition to the above five accomplished tasks, a method for predicting final subsidence on a steep terrain is proposed. The method remains to be verified by field observations. This dissertation presents the detailed mathematical formulae and numerical procedures which were used to develop the subsidence prediction model. The applications and implications of the mathematical models are discussed. The programs are briefly introduced and demonstrated by case studies.