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A new general approach is presented for extending the useful operating frequencies of; linear active networks in general, inverting integrators, finite gain amplifiers, and active filters in particular, realized using Operational Amplifiers (OA). This is achieved by replacing each OA in the active network by a Composite Operational Amplifier (CNOA), constructed using N OA's. The technique of generating the CNO's for any given N is proposed. The realizations, employing the CNOA's generated, are examined according to a stringent performance criterion satisfying the important properties such as extended bandwidth, stability with one and two pole OA model, low sensitivity to the active and passive components and OA mismatch, wide dynamic range...etc. Several families of CNOA's for N = 2, 3, and 4, satisfy the suggested performance criterion. The CNOA's thus obtained are found useful in most frequently used linear active networks, namely, functional building blocks (finite gain-positive, negative and differential-amplifiers) and inverting integrators. Several applications of CNOA's in active filters illustrate clearly the considerable improvements of the filters performance when composite amplifiers were used. This led to the introduction of two useful applications, a programmable filter and the use of CNOA's in inductance simulations. The results of the use of CNOA's in different active networks are given and shown theoretically and experimentally to compare favorably with the state of the art realizations using the same number of OA's.