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A computer model has been developed to simulate the char-gasification process occurring in the gasification component of a crossflow coal gasifier. This process corresponds to the batch gasification process in a combustion pot. Temperature and concentration profiles along the gasifier were obtained by solving the material and energy balances. In order to obtain the data necessary for evaluating and improving the computer model, an experimental system was developed to obtain data for the char-gasification process in the combustion pot. The results show that the gasification rate strongly depends on the air flow rate and that the reactivity of the char has a strong effect on the output gas composition. The results from the computer model were compared with available literature data on the fixed-bed gasifier and the experimental data obtained from this study, and were found to be in good agreement. A sensitivity analysis was performed on the input parameters (heat transfer coefficient, void fraction, particle diameter, and reactivity factor coefficients) of the computer model. The results show the importance of the input parameters in predicting the desired gas composition and total process time.