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The present study examined the performances of students referred for placement in gifted programs on the WISC-III and Binet IV. The first research question asked which subtests and index scores of the WISC-III relate most strongly to placement. All subtests except Arithmetic and Coding were significantly correlated with placement. Both the Verbal Conceptualization Index (WVCI) and the Perceptual Organization Index (WPOI) Scores were found to be significantly correlated with placement. In addition, discriminant function analyses were computed. Both WVCI and WPOI were found to be significant predictors of placement. Of the WISC-III subtests, all were significant predictors except Information (WINFO) and Arithmetic (WARITH). The second research question asked what subtests and Standard Age Scores (SAS) of the Binet IV correlated most highly with the WISC-III scores found to be significantly related to placement. Of the SAS scores, Verbal Reasoning (BVR) was correlated with Vocabulary (WVOC), Abstract/Visual Reasoning (BAVR) was correlated with Picture Arrangement (WPA) and Block Design (WBD), Quantitative Reasoning (BQR) was correlated with Similarities (WSIM), and Short-Term Memory (BSTM) was correlated with Vocabulary (WVOC). The relationships of the Binet IV subtests, Binet IV SAS Scores, WISC-III Index Scores, WISC-III subtest scores, and WISC-III Global Scores to reclassification on the Binet IV was examined through discriminant function analysis. Significant predictors were identified and discussed. The third research question examined the role of gender in test performance for participants tested for gifted placement. A mixed model analysis of variance was computed with gender as the non-repeated independent variable. Several significant relationships and interactions were discussed. In addition t tests were computed to determine if gender differences were reflected in any of the WISC-III and Binet IV scores. Several significant differences were identified and discussed. The final research question examined the relationships of the WISC-III subtests to each other, Binet IV subtests to each other, and WISC-III subtests to Binet IV subtests. Again, several significant correlations were identified and discussed. The relationship of the WISC-III and Binet IV to each other and to gifted placement was discussed in the concluding chapter. Limitations of the present research were examined. Recommendations for further research were given.