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The problem of determination and optimization of parting direction and parting line for cast and molded parts was studied. The approaches of the Circle Map Method and Projection Method have been developed to concurrently determine the alternatives for parting directions, determine the cavities, and optimize them for different parameters in castings. These methods were developed by computer programs that graphically present and justify the optimized results for parting directions. The graphical presentation of results include displays for the Circle Map, Projection Method, object, parting line, cope, drag, core, core print, and object after coring. The Circle Map Method maps the three dimensional orientations of the object surfaces to a two dimensional plane circle. Within the map, three distinctive elements of Point, Segment, Area directions are determined as the parting direction alternatives. The Segment and Area elements are also optimized for the flat parting lines. Each of the directional elements is used by the Projection Method for determination of holes and cavities in the object and different parameters of the casting. The Projection Method projects the object on a plane perpendicular to the parting direction and divides the projection area to fragments. The fragmentation of the object surfaces on the projection parameters of height, cross section, flatness, draw, and number of cores are determined by this method. To each of these evaluated parameters a weighing factor is multiplied and the summation of the evaluation parameters is used for determination of the best alternatives. Also, objects similar to the cavities are made that are used for coring developments. The above methods were tested with several example objects and the results obtained were completely satisfactory for determination of desired parting direction and parting line. In addition, multiple partings have been extracted that are usually difficult to be detected by ordinary methods. It has been shown that the proposed approaches of the Circle Map and Projection Methods are capable to automatically determine and optimize the partings for cast and molded parts from the geometry information of the object.