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This research paper, "A Survey of Selected Intermediate-Level Chamber Repertoire with Piano from 1750 - 1900, is a reference guide to available pieces suitable for performance and study both in the private studio and at the college level. The chamber works surveyed are duos and trios only, which include strings (violin and cello) and/or woodwinds (flute, oboe and clarinet) with piano as well as works for two pianos, all with piano parts at the intermediate level. This paper provides a listing of intermediate-level chamber music, original works and movements from larger pieces, that can be valuable for piano teachers, students, and all musicians interested in exploring this little-known repertoire. The intermediate level of piano study is an important stage for both teaching and learning. Unfortunately, when it comes to ensemble music for intermediate-level piano students, most available sources are those collections for piano duets and a few for two-piano repertoire. Pieces for piano with other instruments do not normally come to piano teachers' consideration. Most of the well-known pieces of chamber music are at the advanced level. Intermediate-level students rarely have a chance to be familiar with chamber music and typically must wait to play together with other instruments until they are at the advanced level; too often, they never get the experience. The repertoire for this study was selected from original works by composers from 1750 - 1900. Only compositions with intermediate-level piano parts are included in this selected list. In this study, 129 pieces were selected and organized into the following categories: music for two pianos (four hands), music for two instruments (strings and piano or woodwind and piano), and music for three instruments (string, woodwind, and piano or two strings and piano). Each entry includes composer, title, movement (if applicable), publisher, and a short description. By studying and performing these works at the intermediate level, students can develop their musicianship and technical abilities in ensemble playing and be prepared for chamber music performance at a higher level.