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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Ronald W. Eck.


Currently, there are no trip generation rates for consolidated schools in West Virginia. A consolidated school is a public school that formed from the consolidation of other schools of the same type or a county-wide school. Because West Virginia is rural in nature and declining school-age population, the trip rates for consolidated schools would tend to be different than the national averages for traditional schools.;This research developed trip rates specific to consolidated high, middle, and elementary schools in West Virginia. In total, sixteen different schools in West Virginia were studied. Of the sixteen sites studied, seven were high schools, two were middle schools, four were elementary schools, one was an elementary-middle school combination, and two were middle-high school combinations. Trip rates for each type of school were calculated based on trips per employee, trips per students, and trips per 1000 SF GFA. The trip rates were based on weekday, am peak, and pm peak time periods. The number of bus trips, peaking characteristics, and parking characteristics of each site were analyzed.;The results of this study indicated that there are differences between ITE's (1997) national averages and results of this study. Study results are appropriate to predict the amount of traffic generated at consolidated high schools and consolidated elementary schools in West Virginia. In the cases of consolidated middle schools and consolidated combined schools, the existing ITE data should be used to predict the amount of traffic for new facilities. Also, the environment of the surrounding area should be analyzed to tailor the trip rates to the site in question.