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The therapeutic approach Ericksonian Resource Retrieval (ERR) is compared to a proven technique for the reduction of musical performance anxiety (MPA) with college student musicians (n = 21) during the jury process. ERR is a technique which utilizes previous life experiences in dealing with future performance. Measures included: the Cognitive Strategies Assessment (CSA), the Personal Report of Confidence as a Performer (PRCP), the A-State Scale (STAI) and Jury Scores (JS). The ERR treatment group demonstrated significant reduction of MPA on both the PRCP and STAI. Also, a screening instrument for MPA (the MPSI) is developed (n = 104) which evidenced the following: an internal consistency index of.7792; test-retest reliability of.4670; significant predictive validity with the CSA and PRCP; factor analysis indicated one strong factor on the MPSI which all items loaded heavily; college student musicians experience a very high level of MPA, regardless of experience. Results suggest that this population is undeserved by Psychology and that cognitive strategies be the focus of treatment.