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The study investigated by analyzing independently as well as interdependently the demographic characteristics of the beginning teacher in West Virginia, the school climate these teachers perceived as pervasive in the state, and the first year teacher's personality needs. For this purpose, eight major questions were fashioned with 38 major composite null hypotheses developed. Three instruments were used to collect data: a general demographic survey--to assess ten demographic characteristics, the School Climate Survey (SCS)--to measure the perceived school climate, and the Sterns Activities Index (SAI)--to measure the personality needs. From a state-wide population of 783 beginning teachers with zero years of experience, 250 randomly selected teachers were sent surveys with 149 usable surveys returned for a 60 percent return rate. The data was then statistically analyzed using mean, standard deviation tabulation, t-tests, general linear model analysis of variance, and stepwise multiple regression. The statistical analysis of the data provided a number of findings grouped under the following: (1) Beginning teachers in West Virginia had different personality needs than average individuals. (2) Demographic differences in beginning teachers illustrated dissimilarity in the personality needs of West Virginia beginning teachers. Sex, age, marital status, parenthood, educational level, location of degree, and school placement possessed personality need differences. (3) The school climate in West Virginia as perceived by beginning teachers was significantly below the national norms on six out of ten SCS factors. (4) Demographic differences in beginning teachers illustrated dissimilarity in their perceptions of school climate. Age, parenthood, educational level, location of degree, school placement, career plans, and plans to leave the state possessed climate perception differences. (5) Several school climate factors can predict the personality needs of beginning teachers. Significant predictive relationships for four school climate factors (Instructional Management, Student Behavioral Values, Student Peer Relationships, and Parent and Community School Relationships) and specific beginning teacher personality need factors were found. From these findings, numerous implications and recommendations were made for staffing West Virginia schools, developing induction programs, and developing positive building principal-beginning teacher interaction.