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Based on empirical research in the area of parental conflict and child adjustment and evaluations of several existing programs available to separated/divorced families, a parent education program was developed to address the relationships between parental conflict, divorce, and child adjustment. The present study explored the impact and consumer satisfaction associated with participation in the k.i.d.s.: kids in divorce and separation program, a 4-hour psychoeclucational program for parents that is specifically focused on divorce and parental conflict. The impact and consumer satisfaction associated with participation in the k.i.d.s program were examined by comparing a treatment group of parents who participated in the k.i.d.s. program with a waitlisted control group and an alternative treatment control group of parents who participated in another educational program for parents concerning general parenting and discipline. By examining differences between groups prior to and following participation in their respective programs, we demonstrated that participation in the k.i.d.s. program is effective in increasing parents' knowledge about the effects of divorce and conflict on children and altering parents' conflict behavior and post-divorce co-parenting. Furthermore, the evaluation revealed that parents were highly satisfied with the program and believed that the program helped them deal more effectively with conflict/divorce issues.