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The formulas and formation constants of the complex species formed in aqueous solution by the Interaction of copper(ll) with a series of alkanol-substituted monoamines and the hydroxide ion have been determined. The amines include the three ethanolamines, the corresponding lsopropanolamlnes, the three hydroxy-substituted amines of 2-amlno- 2-methylpropane, and ethaqolpropanolamlne. Standard and newly developed computational methods for the analysis of potentlometrie, polarographlc and spectrophotometrio data have been applied to describe these systems continuously over the entire range of pH studied, approximately pH two to pH 12. At relatively low pH values nitrogen atom coordination or chelation with nitrogen atom and oxygen atom coordination predominates. As the pH is increased the tendency is to form complex species in which the proton of the chelated hydroxyl group is lost by reaction with hydroxide ion. Hie number of ligand molecules coordinated tends to decrease as the number of ligand hydroxyl groups Increases. At the highest pH studied the complexes found have resulted from i interaction of copper(n), alkanolamine, and hydroxide ions in the ratios 1:1:2, \:2:2 and 1:1:3* For these complex species the log values are of the order of 17.5 to 21.