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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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B. Gopalakrishnan.


The recent trend in global manufacturing scenario has resulted in the emergence of many innovative techniques that have revolutionized the manufacturing industry as a whole. A lot of states of art advances have been associated with the increasing use of microprocessors in advance manufacturing systems. Out of many the one, which has predominantly captured the real time, behavioral use is the Fuzzy Logic.;Fuzzy logic implementation in real time environment involves the integration of multi-disciplinary area like computer engineering, mechanical and electronic systems tailored towards smart systems that enable a very precise control on the process. The fuzzy logic based project involves the programming of microprocessor for the control of sequence of operation depending upon the change in the values of environment variables.;In this research, a computer based system for operating a Motorola Handyboard was designed and developed. A user friendly system in a Visual Basic environment is developed which generates a C++ code to be compiled by the microprocessor using the IC compiler of the Handyboard. The program is then downloaded and with the change in the environment variables the change in output can be observed. Visual Basic is used to develop the front end and integrate the C++ code for performing various functionalities. The system has features to compile and download the code to the Handyboard. The system also helps the user to navigate through the software.