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After receiving a mini-grant for developing integrated information literacy programs, a Geography/Geology Department faculty member worked with the Science Librarian to embed information literacy in a cross-listed geology and geography course, Geog/Geol 455, Introduction to Remote Sensing. Planning for the revisions to the class started with identification of five key literacy standards for the discipline of remote sensing. Each standard was addressed through a combination of teaching, assignments and measurements. From this planning exercise, two lectures and two laboratory exercises on information literacy were developed. Student response to the information literacy material, as measured through pre- and post-course surveys, was overwhelmingly positive. The project also provided an important opportunity for collaboration between the scientist and librarian.

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Blake, L., and T.A. Warner, 2011. Seeing the Forest of Information for the Trees of Papers: An Information Literacy Case Study in a Geography/Geology Class. Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship 64. Available at:

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