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"Storytelling with Archives" is a transdisciplinary Honors College course developed as part of the Honors College Faculty Fellows program. Primarily STEM majors, most students took the course to fulfill a “creativity and the arts” course requirement.

Students developed confidence in their own voice and creativity along with practical digital literacy skills through the practice of digital storytelling. Lessons combined soft skills such as listening, consensus building and historical empathy with digital production, and the theory and practice of story work applied to their disciplines.

Visitors to this poster have the opportunity to critically examine innovative classroom assessment techniques including daily coded memory cards. They can explore the results of a creative and collaborative course project where students practiced world building to create an alternate universe. Attendees are invited to expand definitions, methods, and applications of storytelling in order to reframe its value in professional and personal life by entertaining ideas such as becoming their own hero in control of a personal narrative.



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