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This paper outlines an in-progress systematic review of extant research in game studies that has incorporated Moral Foundations Theory (MFT), or relevant extensions of that theory to media entertainment, such as the Moral Intuition and Media Entertainment/Model of Intuitive Morality and Exemplars (MIME). Due to the interdisciplinary nature of these theoretical perspectives as well as game studies broadly, systematic review is critical to helping us collectively understand and collate the research in this area. The systematic review is done in two parts, one as a deep description of the characteristics of included studies, and one as a statistical analysis (as well as a qualitative assessment) of the quality of those included studies. At this stage, an initial set of 24-26 articles focused on gaming and MFT/MIME have been uncovered via systematic database searching, and both study characteristic and study quality coding sheets in progress (shared, within).



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