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In the 1980's, the relationship of social welfare activities to the future has been dramatically altered. Until the conservative ascendency of the Reagan government, the future of social welfare was defined largely in terms of the incremental welfare state, characterized by gradual expansion of tax supported programs and benefits, with periodic policy refinements and extensions of benefits and coverages to new populations. Since 1980, all sorts of "doom and gloom" has been spread--mostly linked to short-term developments. This paper is an effort to propose a moderately optimistic alternative future for one segment of the social welfare system--personal care services. In this future, the main burden of personal care services will be borne by the private sector. Dramatic improvements in the financing and marketing of human services will be called for, including expanded private practice, technology-intensive services and new forms of private insurance.

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An earlier version of this paper was presented at "On the Way to 2019: The Human Future in a Brave New World." University of Akron. February 9, 1986.



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