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Division of Forestry and Natural Resources


We present predictor variables and R and Stan code for simulating and analyzing counts of Missouri Ozark herpetofauna in response to three forest management strategies. Our code performs four primary purposes: import predictor variables from spreadsheets; simulate synthetic response variables based on imported predictor variables and user-supplied values for data-generating parameters; format synthetic data for export to Stan; and analyze synthetic data.

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Rota, C. T., Wolf, A. J., Renken, R. B., Gitzen, R. A., Fantz, D. K., Montgomery, R. A., Olson, M. G., Vangilder, L. D., & Millspaugh, J. J. (2016). Simulated data and code for analysis of herpetofauna response to forest management in the Missouri Ozarks. Data in Brief, 9, 477–479.


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