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Introduction. We report on the development and testing of a model of online community continued use grounded in the information systems success model and the theory of reasoned action. We contribute to the online community literature by studying user intentions to continue use of an established professional online community.
Method. The model is tested with a survey questionnaire completed by members of an established online community of academic professionals, with 1,675 responding.
Analysis. Responses were analysed using partial least squares.
Results. We offer empirical evidence of a theoretical integration of two established frameworks that provide a highly predictive model of both continued use and satisfaction. The results indicate that online community satisfaction is a strong predictor of continued use intention, together with perceived usefulness and post-adoptive subjective norm. Determinants of online community satisfaction include information quality and trust of the online community platform.
Conclusion. In contrast to previous research, our finding that subjective norm is negatively related to continued use intention suggests that members of a dues-paying professional community may not be susceptible to opinions of others when deciding to continue using the online platform. The concept of post-adoptive subjective norm needs exploration in future research.

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Apostolou, B., Bélanger, F. & Schaupp, L.C. (2017). Online communities: satisfaction and continued use intention Information Research, 22(4), paper 774. Retrieved from (Archived by WebCite® at


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