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Abstract Background: Single-tablet regimens are preferred prescription choices for HIV treatment, but there are limited outcomes data comparing single-tablet regimens to multiple-tablet regimens. Methods: We retrospectively assessed treatment-naïve patients at a single urban HIV clinic in the United States for viral load suppression at 6 and 12months after initiating either single-tablet or multiple-tablet regimens. Multivariate regression was performed to obtain relative risks and adjust for potential confounders. Results: Of 218 patients, 47% were on single-tablet regimens and 53% on multiple-tablet regimens; 77% of single-tablet regimen patients had undetectable viral load at 6months compared to 61% of multiple-tablet regimen patients (p=0.012). At 12months, 82% on single-tablet regimens and 66% on multiple-tablet regimens (p=0.019) had undetectable viral load. Relative risk of any detectable viral load was 1.6 (95% confidence interval: 1.1–2.5) for patients on multiple-tablet regimens compared to single-tablet regimens at 6 months, and 2.2 (95% confidence interval: 1.2–4.0) at 12 months. Conclusion: Single-tablet regimens may provide better virologic control than multiple-tablet regimens in urban HIV-infected persons.

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Kapadia, S. N., Grant, R. R., German, S. B., Singh, B., Davidow, A. L., Swaminathan, S., & Hodder, S. (2018). HIV virologic response better with single-tablet once daily regimens compared to multiple-tablet daily regimens. SAGE Open Medicine, 6, 205031211881691.


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