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Through the use of an online survey and supporting interviews of funders, this study explores which factors are most influential in people’s decisions to financially back Kickstarter projects. Findings suggest that Kickstarter has several distinct benefits for those who support its projects and offers them an experience that traditional production channels cannot. The results also indicate that backers typically feel involved in the process of creating the projects they support, and they are willing to take risks to see projects that are important to them come to fruition. This research helps to improve our understanding of the attitudes that drive Kickstarter funding, and it helps project creators know what aspects of their campaigns prospective supporters find most important.

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Colistra, R., & Duvall, K. (2017). Show Me the Money: Importance of Crowdfunding Factors on Backers’ Decisions to Financially Support Kickstarter Campaigns. Social Media + Society, 3(4), 205630511773694.


Social Media + Society October-December 2017: 1–12 © The Author(s) 2017 Reprints and permissions: hDttOpsI://1d0o.i.1o1rg7/71/02.10157673/2051613075713167974362942




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