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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Abstract: We present a high-throughput nanoindentation study of in situ bending effects on incipient plastic deformation behavior of polycrystalline and single-crystalline pure aluminum and pure copper at ultranano depths (< 200 nm). We find that hardness displays a statistically inverse dependence on in-plane stress for indentation depths smaller than 10 nm, and the dependence disappears for larger indentation depths. In contrast, plastic noise in the nanoindentation force and displacement displays statistically robust noise features, independently of applied stresses. Our experimental results suggest the existence of a regime in Face Centered Cubic (FCC) crystals where ultranano hardness is sensitive to residual applied stresses, but plasticity pop-in noise is insensitive to it.

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Bolin, R., Yavas, H., Song, H., Hemker, K. J., & Papanikolaou, S. (2019). Bending Nanoindentation and Plasticity Noise in FCC Single and Polycrystals. Crystals, 9(12), 652.


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