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Tumor oxygenation (pO2), acidosis (pH) and interstitial inorganic phosphate concentration (Pi) are important parameters of the malignant behavior of cancer. A noninvasive procedure that enables visualization of these parameters may provide unique information about mechanisms of tumor pathophysiology and provide clues to new treatment targets. In this research, we present a multiparametric imaging method allowing for concurrent mapping of pH, spin probe concentration, pO2, and Pi using a single contrast agent and Overhauser-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging technique. The developed approach was applied to concurrent multifunctional imaging in phantom samples and in vivo in a mouse model of breast cancer. Tumor tissues showed higher heterogeneity of the distributions of the parameters compared with normal mammary gland and demonstrated the areas of significant acidosis, hypoxia, and elevated Pi content.

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Gorodetskii, A. A., Eubank, T. D., Driesschaert, B., Poncelet, M., Ellis, E., Khramtsov, V. V., & Bobko, A. A. (2019). Development of multifunctional Overhauser-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for concurrent in vivo mapping of tumor interstitial oxygenation, acidosis and inorganic phosphate concentration. Scientific Reports, 9(1).


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