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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Silica is the most abundant component on the earth’s surface. It plays an important role in many natural processes. Silica is also a critical material for a wide range of technical applications such as in optics and electronics. In this work, we discuss our recent experimental observation of the unusual amber coloration of aluminum doped sol-gel glass that has not been reported in the past. We characterized Al-doped sol-gel glasses, prepared at different sintering temperature, using a plethora of techniques to investigate the origin of this unusual coloration and to understand their structural and chemical properties. We used these experimental results to test a number of possible coloring mechanisms. The results suggested this coloring is likely caused by temperature-dependent aluminum-associated defect centers associated with different amorphous-to-crystalline ratios of the annealed sol-gel silica glass structures.

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Chang, A., He, Y., Arango, M. A. T., Wang, M., Ren, Y., Feng, Z., Chang, C.-H., & Sierros, K. A. (2019). On the unusual amber coloration of nanoporous sol-gel processed Al-doped silica glass: An experimental study. Scientific Reports, 9(1).


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