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The aim of this work was to evaluate the potential use of three different chemical additives (CaCl2 , MgCl2 and hydrated lime) in the production of wood-cement composites made with particles from the slab wood of piãozinho (Eschweilera coriaceae (DC.) Mart), matá-mata branco (Eschweilera odora (poepp.) Miers) and Portland cement CP II-Z, with a wood:cement ratio of 1:2,75, by the vibro-compaction densification method. The compatibility test between wood and cement indicated that both species were suitable for the composites production when pre-treated and mixed with chemical additives. Main results: (I) The two species of the Eschweilera genus are suitable for wood-cement composite productions; Composites produced with piãozinho (Eschweilera coriaceae) particles presented better results (II) The use of CaCl2 had a positive effect on the mechanical properties of composites with Eschweilera coriaceae wood; and (III) The use of hydrated lime as chemical additives is not recommended when the method of densification by vibro-compaction is applied.

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Castro, V. G. de, Azambuja, R. D. R., Parchen, C. F. A., & Iwakiri, S. (2019). Influência de aditivos químicos na produção de compósitos madeira-cimento de duas espécies tropicais da Amazônia. Ciência Florestal, 29(3), 1343.


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