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This study examines the ability of a theoretical model of the parental involvement process to predict Latino parents' involvement in their children's schooling. A sample of Latino parents (N = 147) of grade 1 through 6 children in a large urban public school district in the southeastern United States responded to surveys assessing model-based predictors of involvement (personal psychological beliefs, contextual motivators of involvement, perceived life-context variables), as well as levels of home- and school-based involvement. Home-based involvement was predicted by partnership-focused role construction (a personal psychological belief) and by specific invitations from the student (a contextual motivator of involvement). School-based involvement was predicted by specific invitations from the teacher (a contextual motivator) and by perceptions of time and energy for involvement (a life-context variable). Results are discussed with reference to research on Latino parents' involvement

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Walker, Joan M. T., Ice, Christa L., Hoover-Dempsey, Kathleen V., & Sandler, Howard M. (2011). Latino Parents' Motivations For Involvement In Their Children'S Schooling: An Exploratory Study. The Elementary School Journal, 111(3), 409-429.



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