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Cartilage defects are a challenge to treat clinically due to the avascular nature of cartilage. Low immunogenicity and extensive proliferation and multidifferentiation potential make fetal stem cells a promising source for regenerative medicine. In this study, we aimed to determine whether fetal synovium-derived stem cells (FSDSCs) exhibited replicative senescence and whether expansion on decellularized extracellular matrix (dECM) deposited by adult SDSCs (AECM) promoted FSDSCs' chondrogenic potential. FSDSCs from passage 2 and 9 were compared for chondrogenic potential, using Alcian blue staining for sulfated glycosaminoglycans(GAGs), biochemical analysis for DNA and GAG amounts, and real-time PCR for chondrogenic genes including ACAN and COL2A1. Passage 3 FSDSCs were expanded for one passage on plastic flasks (PL), AECM, or dECM deposited by fetal SDSCs (FECM). During expansion, cell proliferation was evaluated using flow cytometry for proliferation index, stem cell surface markers, and resistance to hydrogen peroxide. During chondrogenic induction, expanded FSDSCs were evaluated for tri-lineage differentiation capacity. We found that cell expansion enhanced FSDSCs' chondrogenic potential at least up to passage 9. Expansion on dECMs promoted FSDSCs' proliferative and survival capacity and adipogenic differentiation but not osteogenic capacity. AECM-primed FSDSCs exhibited an enhanced chondrogenic potential.

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Li, J., He, F., & Pei, M. (2015). Chondrogenic priming of human fetal synovium-derived stem cells in an adult stem cell matrix microenvironment. Genes & Diseases, 2(4), 337–346.


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