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The engineering of materials with controlled magnetic properties by means other than a magnetic feld is of great interest in nanotechnology. In this study, we report engineered magnetic graphene oxide (MGO) in the nanocomposite form of iron oxide nanoparticles (IO)-graphene oxide (GO) with tunable core magnetism and magnetic resonance transverse relaxivity (r2). These tunable properties are obtained by varying the IO content on GO. The MGO series exhibits r2 values analogous to those observed in conventional single core and cluster forms of IO in diferent size regimes—motional averaging regime (MAR), static dephasing regime (SDR), and echo-limiting regime (ELR) or slow motion regime (SMR). The maximum r2 of 162±5.703mM−1s−1 is attained for MGO with 28 weight percent (wt%) content of IO on GO and hydrodynamic diameter of 414 nm, which is associated with the SDR.These fndings demonstrate the clear potential of magnetic graphene oxide for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications.

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Thapa, B., Diaz-Diestra, D., Badillo-Diaz, D., Sharma, R. K., Dasari, K., Kumari, S., Holcomb, M. B., Beltran-Huarac, J., Weiner, B. R., & Morell, G. (2019). Controlling the transverse proton relaxivity of magnetic graphene oxide. Scientific Reports, 9(1).



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