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3D sensors such as LIDARs, stereo cameras, time-of-flight cameras, and the Microsoft Kinect are increasingly found in a wide range of applications, including gaming, personal robotics, and space exploration. In some cases, pattern recognition algorithms for processing depth images can be tested using actual sensors observing real-world objects. In many situations, however, it is common to test new algorithms using computer-generated synthetic images, as such simulations tend to be faster, more flexible, and less expensive than hardware tests. Computer generation of images is especially useful for Monte Carlo-type analyses or for situations where obtaining real sensor data for preliminary testing is difficult (e.g., space applications). We present GLIDAR, an OpenGL and GL Shading Language-based sensor simulator, capable of imaging nearly any static three-dimensional model. GLIDAR allows basic object manipulations, or may be connected to a physics simulator for more advanced behaviors. It permits publishing to a TCP socket at high frame-rates or can save to PCD (point cloud data) files. The software is written in C++, and is released under the open source BSD license

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Woods, J., & Christian, J. (2016). Glidar: An OpenGL-based, Real-Time, and Open Source 3D Sensor Simulator for Testing Computer Vision Algorithms. Journal of Imaging, 2(1), 5.


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