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Room-temperature ferromagnetism in Mn-doped chalcopyrites is a desire aspect when applying those materials to spin electronics. However, dominance of high Curie-temperatures due to cluster formation or inhomogeneities limited their consideration. Here we report how an external perturbation such as applied hydrostatic pressure in CdGeP2:Mn induces a two serial magnetic transitions from ferromagnet to non-magnet state at room temperature. This effect is related to the unconventional properties of created MnP magnetic clusters within the host material. Such behavior is also discussed in connection with ab initio density functional calculations, where the structural properties of MnP indicate magnetic transitions as function of pressure as observed experimentally. Our results point out new ways to obtain controlled response of embedded magnetic clusters.

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Arslanov, T., Mollaev, A., Kamilov, I. et al. Pressure control of magnetic clusters in strongly inhomogeneous ferromagnetic chalcopyrites. Sci Rep 5, 7720 (2015).


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