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Ion temperatures as a function of the x and y axes in the geocentric solar magnetospheric (GSM) coordinate system and time are available for 76 geomagnetic storms that occurred during the period July 2008 to December 2013 on CDAWeb. The method for mapping energetic neutral atom data from the Two Wide‐angle Imaging Spectrometers (TWINS) mission to the GSM equatorial plane and subsequent ion temperature calculation are described here. The ion temperatures are a measure of the average thermal energy of the bulk ion population in the 1–40 keV energy range. These temperatures are useful for studies of ion dynamics, for placing in situ measurements in a global context, and for establishing boundary conditions for models of the inner magnetosphere and the plasma sheet.

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Keesee, A. M., & Scime, E. E. (2015). Database of ion temperature maps during geomagnetic storms. Earth and Space Science, 2(2), 39–46.


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