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Determining the language-dominant hemisphere is essential for planning epilepsy surgery. A 60-year-old righthanded woman with epilepsy since age 16 failed a partial right anterior lobectomy at age 21. Later, a brain MRI found extensive right-sided cortical dysplasia and periventricular heterotopia. Subsequently, prolonged videoEEG monitoring localized her seizures to the right temporoparietal region. Functional MRI was inconclusive in lateralizing her language, prompting a Wada test, which strongly lateralized language to the right. This unique case of atypical language representation in a right-handed individual with an extensive right-hemispheric congenital malformation and seizure focus illustrates the important thorough presurgical language assessment.

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Khan, M. T., Oghlakian, R., & Koubeissi, M. Z. (2016). Unusual atypical language lateralization. Epilepsy & Behavior Case Reports, 6, 73–74.


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