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Mine or longwall panel layout is a 3D structure with highly non-uniform stress distribution. Recognition of such fact will facilitate underground problem identification/investigation and solving by numerical modeling through proper model construction. Due to its versatility, numerical modeling is the most popular method for ground control design and problem solving. However numerical modeling results require highly experienced professionals to interpret its validity/applicability to actual mining operations due to complicated mining and geological conditions. Underground ground control monitoring is routinely performed to predict roof behavior such as weighting and weighting interval without matching observation of face mining condition while the mining pressures are being monitored, resulting in unrealistic interpretation of the obtained data on mining pressure. The importance of ground control pressure monitoring and simultaneous observation of mining and geological conditions is illustrated by an example of shield leg pressure monitoring and interpretation in an U.S. longwall coal mine: it was found that the roof strata act like a plate, not an individual block of the size of a shield dimension, as commonly assumed by all researchers and shield capacity is not a fixed property for a longwall panel or a mine or a coal seam. A new mechanism on the interaction between shield’s hydraulic leg pressure and roof strata for shield loading is proposed.

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Peng, S. S., Cheng, J., Du, F., & Xue, Y. (2019). Underground ground control monitoring and interpretation, and numerical modeling, and shield capacity design. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, 29(1), 79–85.


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