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Two photon absorption laser induced fluorescence (TALIF) measurements of neutral hydrogen and its isotopes are typically calibrated by performing TALIF measurements on krypton with the same diagnostic system and using the known ratio of the absorption cross sections [K. Niemi et al., J. Phys. D 34, 2330 (2001)]. Here we present the measurements of a new calibration method based on a ground state xenon scheme for which the fluorescent emission wavelength is nearly identical to that of hydrogen, thereby eliminating chromatic effects in the collection optics and simplifying detector calibration. We determine that the ratio of the TALIF cross sections of xenon and hydrogen is 0.024 ± 0.001.

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Elliott, Drew., Scime, Earl., & Short, Zachary. (2016). Novel Xenon Calibration Scheme For Two-Photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence Of Hydrogen. The Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(11), 11E504.



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