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Physics and Astronomy


The stationary inertial Alfvén (StIA) wave (Knudsen, 1996) was predicted for cold, collisionless plasma. The model was generalized (Finnegan et al., 2008) to include nonzero values of electron and ion collisional resistivity and thermal pressure. Here, the two-fluid model is further generalized to include anisotropic thermal pressure. A bounded range of values of parallel electron drift velocity is found that excludes periodic stationary Alfvén wave solutions. This exclusion region depends on the value of the local Alfvén speed VA, plasma beta perpendicular to the magnetic field β⊥ and electron temperature anisotropy.

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Finnegan, S. M., Koepke, M. E., and Knudsen, D. J.: A two-fluid model describing the finite-collisionality, stationary Alfvén wave in anisotropic plasma, Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 15, 957–964,, 2008.


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