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Although behavior analysts agree that current behavior is affected by history, researches on behavior history have raised several controversial questions. The present article addresses two of these questions: (a) the classification of history effects as "latent", and (b) the possibility that history effects are permanent. It is argued that the product of history is a changed organism, not a stored history. It is suggested that history effects are transitory, short-lived or long-lasting, regarding the specific variables of the procedure. The present article also suggests implications of these analyses for future research on this area.

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Costa, C. E., Cirino, S. D., Cançado, C. R. X., & Soares, P. G. (2009). Polêmicas sobre história comportamental: identificação de seus efeitos e sua duração. Psicologia: Reflexão E Crítica, 22(3), 394–403.



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