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Fall 10-2020


WVU Libraries


Purpose: In this project, a structured research discipline skeleton was created and applied with the intent to help librarians create an introductory knowledge of how to research in a discipline in which they have no formal training.

Brief Description: A working research discipline skeleton was created as part of the librarian’s MLIS practicum in 2017, and was put into practice when the librarian entered the health science librarianship profession two years later. This skeleton was created through a multidisciplinary lens, and included broad categories for gathering relevant information all in one place, with the intention to update the document as a deeper understanding of the field was learned over the course of the librarian’s career. The working research discipline skeleton was applied to each liaison area assigned to the librarian, and the corresponding information for each section was gathered. This poster provides more information on the research discipline skeleton itself and provides an example of a completed discipline skeleton.

Outcome: After completing the working research discipline skeletons, the librarian had a better understanding of each field. Conversations with departmental faculty were approached with confidence and conducted on common ground. The librarian discovered that some information could be gathered more accurately through casual conversation with departmental faculty members.

Conclusion: Applying the working research discipline skeleton helped the librarian gain a better understanding of the current conversations happening in each liaison area, and gave ideas for how to best meet the needs of the students, faculty, and staff in each department.

ResearchDiscipline Skeleton_Examples(3).pdf (155 kB)
A supplemental handout containing three examples of research discipline skeletons in three different disciplines.

Adaptable_ResearchDisciplineSkeleton_Blank.pdf (85 kB)
A blank Research Discipline Skeleton for personal adaptation and use.



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