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Philanthropy is one of the oldest concepts associated with western civilization. Although it is generally traced to ancient Greece, there is no clear indication where the Greeks got the idea. My earlier paper on Buddhist philanthropy was one of the first published studies in the third sector literature of evidence of Buddhist practices in this area. This unpublished paper explores more fully the history and legends associated with one of the major figures in the Buddhist philanthropic division. Asoka was the third ruler of the Maurian empire in northern India. A great warrior, Asoka is reputed to have given up war for peace upon conversion to Buddhism and is credited with a great many philanthropic deeds in connection with promoting the advancement of the religion.


This paper is an awkward orphan. Although much of the content was (and is) unknown to the intended audience, It offered insufficient evidence of novelty or new material to satisfy at least one anonymous expert journal reviewer and thus was not accepted for publication. Reviewer comments pointed out no major errors or misinterpretations; just a lack of novelty.



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