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This self-paced, reasonably priced, and imaginatively blended activity provides an effective, customizable, and scalable alternative to in-person tours. The Green Door Labs EdVenture Builder is specifically targeted to libraries and museums and has an interface with game mechanics built in on menus, allowing users with no programming experience to independently create games. Students learn about the library in an engaging way and instructors can be provided with game scores to provide credit for the activity.

Individuals or teams new to the library play an exploration game on their mobile phone while exploring library physical and/or virtual locations, services, and resources. Players experience easy wins: congratulations, badges, points, or a level up in a game create a successful, fun, and positive introduction to the library, building confidence and reducing library anxiety. Blended game content with game graphics in printed posters and location photos in the game add depth and familiarity for players.

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2020 Level Up! Library Orientation with a Phone-Based Exploration Game. 52 Ready-to-Use Gaming Programs for Libraries. Ellyssa Kroski, ed. ALA Editions/Neal-Schuman.



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