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In this paper we study the scalar Green function in the Kerr spacetime using Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin (WKB) methods. The Green function can be expressed by Fourier-transforming to its frequency-domain counterpart, and with the help of complex analysis it can be divided into parts: 1) the “direct part,” which propagates on the light cone and dominates at very early times; 2) the “quasinormal-mode part,” which represents the waves traveling around the photon sphere and is important at early and intermediate times; and 3) the “tail part,” which is due to scattering by the Coulomb-type potential and becomes more important at later times. We focus on the “quasinormal-mode part” of the Green function and derive an approximate analytical formula for it using WKB techniques. This approximate Green function diverges at points that are connected by null geodesics, and it recovers the fourfold singular structure of Green functions that are seen in Schwarzschild and other spacetimes. It also carries unique signatures of the Kerr spacetime such as frame dragging. Along the way, we also derive approximate quasinormal-mode wave functions and expressions for the black hole excitation factors in the Kerr spacetime. We expect this work to benefit the understanding of both wave propagation and the problem of self-force in the Kerr spacetime.

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Yang, Huan., Zhang, Fan., Zimmerman, Aaron., & Chen, Yanbei. (2014). Scalar Green Function Of The Kerr Spacetime. Physical Review D - Particles and Fields, 89(6).



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