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A bstract Using gauge/gravity duality, we analytically calculate properties of a strongly coupled striped superconductor, with the charge density wave sourced by a modulated chemical potential, in the large modulation wavenumber Q limit. In the absence of a homogeneous term in the chemical potential, we show that the critical temperature scales as a negative power of Q for scaling dimensions \Delta < \frac{3}{2} , whereas for \Delta > \frac{3}{2} , there is no phase transition above a certain critical value of Q . The condensate is found to scale as a positive power of Q such that the gap is proportional to Q . We discuss how these results change if a homogeneous term is added to the chemical potential. We compare our analytic results with numerical calculations whenever the latter are available and find good agreement.

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Hutasoit, Jimmy A., Ganguli, Suman., Siopsis, George., & Therrien, Jason. (2012). Strongly Coupled Striped Superconductor With Large Modulation. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2012(2).