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We report on a search for continuous gravitational wave emission from three recycled radio pulsars, performed by using the data of the resonant detector AURIGA. Given the spin rate of the selected targets – the isolated pulsar PSR J1939+2134 and the binary pulsars PSR J0024-7204J and PSR J0218+4232 – the expected frequency of the emitted gravitational waves falls in the high sensitivity range of the detector.

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A. Mion, ., M. J. Benacquista, ., M. Kramer, ., P. P. C. Freire, ., & A. Possenti, .(2009). A Search For Periodic Gravitational Waves From Three Recycled Pulsars Using The Auriga Detector - An Implementation Of A Modified Version Of The Unified Approach Method. Astronomy And Astrophysics, 504(2), 673-679.