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Reprocessing of the Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey has resulted in the discovery of five previously unknown pulsars and several as-yet-unconfirmed candidates. PSR J0922-52 has a period of 9.68 ms and a DM of 122.4 pc cm^-3. PSR J1147-66 has a period of 3.72 ms and a DM of 133.8 pc cm^-3. PSR J1227-6208 has a period of 34.53 ms, a DM of 362.6 pc cm^-3, is in a 6.7 day binary orbit, and was independently detected in an ongoing high-resolution Parkes survey by Thornton et al. and also in independent processing by Einstein@Home volunteers. PSR J1546-59 has a period of 7.80 ms and a DM of 168.3 pc cm^-3. PSR J1725-3853 is an isolated 4.79-ms pulsar with a DM of 158.2 pc cm^-3. These pulsars were likely missed in earlier processing efforts due to their high DMs and short periods and the large number of candidates that needed to be looked through. These discoveries suggest that further pulsars are awaiting discovery in the multibeam survey data.

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Mickaliger, M. B., Lorimer, D. R., Boyles, J., Mclaughlin, M. A., Collins, A., Hough, L.,… Swiggum, J. (2012). Discovery Of Five New Pulsars In Archival Data. The Astrophysical Journal, 759(2), 127.



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